In order to search by keywords, enter one or several words in the search box. You can use the operators AND, OR, NOT.
The search uses implicitely the operator AND. Therefore it is not necessary to type it in.
eg: power plant of Meroe is equivalent to power plant AND Meroe and will return every image with words "power plant" and "France".
Do not hesitate to use the operator EXCEPT to refine your search :
eg: refine your search Sudan EXCEPT Meroe will give you pictures of Sudan without pictures related to Meroe.
You can use the operator OR to enlarge your search :
eg: power plant OR dam will return every images with either "power plant", either "dam", either both.
When you are having doubts about how to spell a word, type in the first letters followed by the sign *
eg: - power plant of mero*  will return the images with Meroe or Merowe
PLEASE NOTE: that conjugated verbs in other form than the ing form wont return any answer.


In order to search by number, you can enter the reference directly in the search box.
Eg : 012345_001 or 012345_001.jpg
The advanced search also allows you to search by photographer or by theme and allows you to refine your search by checking off search within results.


By default, search results are sorted by decreasing image references (highest numbers correspond to the most recent images).


To add an image to your lightbox, click on
If you already have one or several lightboxes, the image will be send to the one you have selected (you can select your lightbox in the selection menu, up right in the search page).
If you wish to create another lightbox, click on new in the selection menu, up right in the search page. Name it and click on add.
To visualize and manage your lightbox, click on 'Selections'.
You can rename your lightbox(es) by clicking on modify and print it by clicking on print all images from this selection.

To delete a picture from your lightbox click on


You can download a picture directly from the search page by clicking on
Select the resolution you want and click on download. A pop up window will tell you how to proceed from then.


If you ask us for an image search, we can send it to you via the website or by e-mail. If you have chosen to receive the pictures via the website, go to selections and choose « GRAPHIX'S CHOICE » to see the selection we made for you.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any help or to ask for a picture search.